Anti-Spam Gateways

An effective way to protect all your email mailboxes against spam and viruses, easy to install, insuring perfect data privacy, free and of “Swiss made” quality.

Antispam Gateways includes all the features business´s need to enhance productivity and mitigate threats from phishing, malware and ransomware by preventing 99.97% of spam from reaching employees´ inboxes.

The key feature of a gateway spam filter that helps achieve such a high spam detection rate is “Greylisting”. To understand why Greylisting is so effective, it is important to know that spam filters without this feature identify spam by comparing the IP address of the sending mail server against an RBL blacklist of IP addresses from which spam is known to have originated. Antispam is a solution that works to block and reduce the impact of the possible malicious emails on the users.

Antispam is implemented by integrating with the users’ email systems of and the Internet Service Providers. It incorporates an extensive range of filters and other applications.


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The team has been handling our complete infra from the past 3.5 years with utmost sincerity and commitment. I really appreciate their work and definitely recommend their services.

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We have found IAMEM IT Consulting as one of the best service provider. IAMEM Staff is very co-operative and resolves the issue on priority always.We are very thankful for their kind support and cooperation.

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One of the best providers of IT services in the market, glad to be associated with them. All the very best IAMEM.

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